SALTO launch new RFID technology at ESSEN

ESSEN 2008

SALTO Systems will unveil a major jump forward in access control technology at Security ESSEN with the launch of its new self programmable XS4 E9000 RFID networked lock system.

Marc Handels, Marketing & Sales Director at SALTO Systems, said: “We’re proud to be known as the technological leader in access control. Now, we’re going to revolutionize the access control market once more.

Our unique new E9000 RFID networked lock set can be used for a huge range of access control applications. It’s the first RFID access control system that is so versatile it let’s the user choose the level of security they need and can be upgraded at any time as their needs change.

This means you can start with a simple self programmable system that needs no computer to manage it, and as your needs change upgrade it to a ROM system or even the high performance data on card technology SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) system that allows you to control all the doors in a property with just a click of a mouse.  And all this is achieved with just a firmware upgrade of the electronics without changing any of the door hardware.”

Other SALTO product highlights at the show will include the new SALTO Advanced Panic Bar Solution (SAPS) access control Totems, Mullion readers, and RFID E-cylinders.

Whatever your access control needs, you’ll find it at SALTO Systems on Stand 209 – Hall 11 at Security ESSEN’.


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ESSEN 2008